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To market your reseller program simply embed the links we provide which track your referrals on your site, and encourage your merchants to sign up. We provide marketing messages and graphics, and sales support. All applications and referral forms include YOUR LOGO and DBA, as well as our toll free sales number and live chat functionality.

There are a few ways we can integrate our online merchant account application into your website:

  1.  A co-branded application that you can place on your website for customers to sign up. This is a very simple process and only requires you to strategically advertise these links on your website.
  2. Via our API which allows you to host the application on your site.
    If you have an interest in our API, please let us know and we can provide you with more details.

To learn more about becoming a Reseller, please contact us at 818 415 5710 or email our team.  If you would like to Enroll Now, please CLICK HERE